F.R.I.E.N.D.S - S03E19 The One with the Tiny T-shirt

Friday May 18 @ 07:13pm
If it makes you nervous, you’re doing it right.  Donald Glover  (via wordsthat-speak) Friday May 18 @ 02:11pm
Friday May 18 @ 09:37am


do you think when johnny depp agrees to be in a movie with a different director he goes home at night and tim burton is just there with his face pressed against the window and johnny has to close the curtains to avoid feeling guilty

Friday May 18 @ 04:49am

I just wanted a fresh start, so find me here -> infinite-tales.tumblr.com

I’d be happy to talk to anyone, and still reblogging the same kind of stuff and posting my own art so you are welcome to follow me again if you like c:

Thursday May 17 @ 11:04pm
Thursday May 17 @ 10:29pm


(by Bethy Designs)

Thursday May 17 @ 09:02pm
I have two blogs, and this is the blog set as my side blog.

But I actually like this one better, use it more, have more followers and I just like posting whatever I like, so I really wish this was my main blog and not a side blog :/ I am considering merging them… but I don’t want to have to start over. I really wish you were allowed to switch main blogs. gah tumblr, listen to my tumblr related problems.

Thursday May 17 @ 09:02pm
Thursday May 17 @ 07:21pm
Thursday May 17 @ 07:08pm

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